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Campus Engagement Automation

The most effective way to engage your constituents using
Digital Technologies.


What is Engagement Automation?

You have a vision for your online and campus-based programs. You inspire and motivate your staff and students to convert your vision into reality. You aim to adopt the right methodologies and technologies to power your journey.

Engagement Automation is a holistic approach towards fulfilling your vision by speeding the transition to high-impact digital technologies such as marketing automation, social media, CRM, and mobile. It localizes best-practice commercial technologies and approaches to the unique processes and mission of higher education. Thus, it is a combination of technology, processes and people. Leveraging this framework magnifies your institution’s core strengths and brand, creating quality academic experiences that are financially self-sustaining, ensuring the success of your programs, your students, and your institution.

Why Engagement Automation?

Consider this: Some colleges / universities spend 10% of revenues on advertising, which is comparable to the ad spend by FMCG companies. Many for-profits spend 25% of revenue on sales & marketing. 25-30% of marketing budget is for recruitment activities many of which are outsourced. Campuses see 2-3% conversion from bulk-buying of leads as against 20-30% conversion from inbound or other engaged forms of communication.

Increasing budgets, shrinking funds and uncertain job markets have become common. Higher education institutions are under pressure to improve governance, bring in greater accountability, quantify results and close the loop. Linking programs to outcomes, showing transparency in reporting retention rates, job placements, and career readiness are all considered new-normal.

Greater competition from online programs and changing demographics of the students bring on additional challenges. Lack of a structured methodology to identify at-risk students decreases retention rates. Rapid consumerization of technologies such as mobile, tablets, and social media pose a challenge (and opportunity). Amidst all of these, we are seeing proliferation of generic solutions rather than custom solutions purpose-built for higher education.

Engagement Automation is a comprehensive approach towards overcoming these challenges and fulfilling your vision for a thriving campus community.

The Four Building Blocks

  • Build Visibility and Communicate Value
  • Core Component: Marketing Automation
  • Broad Campus Community Engagement Channel
  • Seamless Integration with CRMs
    • Enrollment CRM
    • Advancement CRM
    • Student Quality CRM (Student Services Programs)
  • Key Concepts
    • Campaign Management/Drip Campaigns
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Marketing
    • CRM Integration

  • Meaningful First Impressions with personalized 1-1 service
  • Core Component: Enrollment/Advancement CRMs
  • Elevate Service and Performance of the Engagement Team
  • Key Concepts
    • Multi-Channel Communication
    • SMS, Facebook, Email, Voice
    • Lead Source/Vendor/Order Management
    • Lead Scoring, Distribution, and Prioritization
    • Personalized Program Content Libraries
    • Integration with Marketing Automation
    • App Store
    • Performance Dashboards

  • Elevate Quality of Service
  • Core Component: Student Success CRM
  • 360 Degree of Student Success
  • Key Concepts
    • Multi-Channel Communication
      • SMS, Facebook, Email, Voice
    • Campus Issue Resolution
    • Campus Program Engagement
    • Predictive Modeling of At-Risk-Students
    • Advisor Portfolio Management
    • Integrated Feedback Surveys
    • Service Management Dashboards

  • Differentiate and Build your Brand
  • Core Component: Campus Quality Dashboards
  • Baseline, Measure, Improve and Excel
  • Key Concepts
    • 360 Degree View of Campus Quality
    • Institutional Performance Base
    • Integrated Constituent Surveys
    • Multi-Dimensional Dashboards