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Accelerate Prospect Conversion

Create meaningful First impressions with 1-1 service to Prospects

ProRetention™ Enrollment CRM

ProRetention™ Enrollment CRM is designed to create meaningful first impressions with prospective students, nurturing them through engaging conversations, utilizing multi-channel communication modes such as Email, SMS, Phone, Social Media, and offering personalized 1-1 attention and service. This lays the foundation to build lasting relationships among campus constituents.

Innovative features in ProRetention™ Enrollment CRM sets the product clearly apart from any competitive product - Multi-campus and Multi-Location features, Academic Structure, Academic Calendar, Program & Content Libraries, Multi-channel Engagement, Marketing Automation, Application Management, Dialer Integration, Mobile Apps for prospects etc. There has never been such a sharply HE focused CRM product in the market as ProRetention™ Enrollment CRM, carefully chiseled out to help marketing and admission teams enhance their productivity and reach their recruitment goals.


Multi-channel communication

Campaign Management

Plan, execute, and measure 1-1 communication strategies—all within a single intuitive interface. ProRetentionTM seamlessly supports both traditional and emerging marketing channels (social media, mobile, webinars etc), allowing marketers to design single and cross-channel dialogues, based on constantly changing student needs and behavior. Easy segmentation of your prospect list for highly targeted marketing to ensure results and optimize budgets.

Enhance productivity of Admission Representatives

Lead Management

ProRetention™ offers a holistic set of processes to handle lead distribution, lead prioritization, nurturing ‘raw data’ into ‘engaged applicants’, and a lead scoring mechanism to rank prospective students based on their demographics and responses to campaigns – enabling higher productivity of Admission Reps. The desktop workspace of a counselor is so ingeniously designed in ProRetentionTM, that everything she needs to do is prioritized and just a mouse-click away.

Measure Vendor Performance

Vendor Management

This module helps efficient management of vendor and sub-vendor details, book keeping of lead sources, recording duplicates, performance trend tracking, budget allocated and used, ROI, comparison of multiple vendors for a lead source etc. A portal is provided for the vendors for seamless two-way communication between the institution and vendors, and for transparent performance feedback to the vendors.

Smart budget allocation

Order Management

Effective order management for each vendor - of order details such as number of leads bought, leads delivery schedule and cost related information with option of viewing the vendor’s past performance while placing a new order with systematic routing to the right authority for ‘buy’ approval. This is an important decision-support component of the CRM product, which helps in objective vendor choice and optimal use of the available marketing budget.

Engage and convert applicants

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation concepts over the last decade have helped create strong customer-centric organizations, which through ProRetentionTM is available now for universities and colleges. Sophisticated lead scoring, lead nurturing and drip campaigns across multiple channels enables the marketing and enrollment team to focus on the right problems while the system’s automated communication frees up their time from routine, time-consuming follow-up activities. We have also partnered with MarketoTM, a leading provider of marketing automation software.

Personalize content by program

Keep Warm Hub

Empower counselors with a content management system to develop on-demand mailers, brochures, and newsletters for targeted messaging to prospective students. Keep Warm scheduler helps set up personalized communication portfolios for individual prospects or groups of prospects on a calendar schedule; the digital resources portfolio may be motivational, informative, participative or even a survey. The triggers for this may be time-based or event-based. This is a great way to keep the prospect warm, using multi-channel communication strategies, with digital resources tied to an automated calendar – another unique feature of ProRetentionTM .

Help Desk for prospects

Prospect Concierge

Applicants usually have a number of questions for staff in different departments like Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, Student Advising etc.  This Help Desk system is designed to track every prospect issue or query, until it is resolved with high-quality response or resolution, within the shortest time. Every issue ticket is tagged with prospect communication history and Issue Tickets may be assigned to a specific staff member, transferred to another department, or escalated based on SLAs. All issues and their resolutions are meticulously captured in an ever-growing intelligent knowledge base, which may be accessed by staff as an FAQ later. This module paves the way to transform the campus into a committed, customer-driven environment.

Maximizing marketing ROI

Budget Management

ProRetention™ provides insights to marketing team in planning, executing and monitoring highly targeted marketing campaigns, by analyzing yield ratio on the budget spent. Unlike most other tools, the ProRetention™ budget advising tool analyses past marketing spend vs. revenue yield, and comes up with appropriate marketing spend strategies aimed at a higher yield. The budget planning is performed at various levels: campus, program and term etc. configurable for each institution. The tool also provides due control indicators to the marketing team, which serves as alerts for course correction and better results.

Customize structure

Campus and Academic structure

Every campus is unique and its challenges are diverse, hence more often than not, generalization of strategies will not yield desired results. ProRetention’s configurable campus structure seamlessly adapts itself to the environment and focuses on achieving recruitment objectives. Configurable definition of campus and academic structures provides organized lead management capabilities, presents a clear recruitment funnel, provides analysis of targets vs. actuals across campus, and maximizes lead conversion. This offers great new paradigms of data to analyze, apply and improve.

Lead Generation through Events

Event Tracker

Allows Marketing Department to effectively manage events and workshops – schedule events, publish calendar to prospects. The attendees can book seats, mark attendance using QR-Code on tablets, record their notes during the session etc. The Admissions Department can track the attendees that are now warm or hot leads for follow-up action. The Event Tracker module is a standalone mobile-enabled platform, seamlessly connected to the back-end Enrolment CRM, for Marketing teams on the move, to set up and conduct events in different locations, track them effectively and feed the leads into the CRM for follow-up - another unique and very useful feature of ProRetentionTM .

Increase admission team’s productivity

Dialer Integration

For smaller institutions that do not have a preview or predictive dialer in place, this feature offers a dialer-enabled CRM off the cloud seamlessly integrated with the Enrolment CRM. All important features of a call center are bundled in, such as call recording, predictive dialing, call dispositions, lead status tracking etc. With minimum investments the institution will now have a sophisticated call center for the Admissions Department. In case the institution already has a dialer, our CRM will integrate with that dialer.

Get Metrics

Dashboards on Demand

Constantly emerging data from prospective students’ roadmap can be presented as actionable data through dashboards. Key indicators for decision-support on recruitment funnel, individual applicant roadmap, conversion metrics, likely bottlenecks in the assembly line, cost per start etc., can all be presented in a single dashboard. This information can be represented in any convenient form suitable for analysis such as graphs, tables etc. thereby allowing visualization of overall trends. Dashboards are contextual to the user level. An authorized user can create her own dashboard on the go – a key feature of ProRetention™.

Engage Prospects

Mobile App for Prospects

ProRetention™ has extensive mobility solutions for prospective students, to send enquiry, fill out applications, track status, receive offers, send documents, get live support from counselors, connect through social media, get campus information, receive digital resources etc. This is a unique way for a college to stay connected with the student in a handshake mode. The student downloads the app and stays connected with the admissions department throughout the admission’s process, to remove the uncertainties of conversion. App is available on all mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. A great opportunity for the college to build brand equity and engage a prospect, through her everyday device!

Admissions team on the move

Mobile Apps for Staff

ProRetention™ has extensive mobility solutions for staff. Marketing staff managing events can use their mobile devices to capture QR code of attendees, feeding warm leads to the CRM. Supervisors can chat or assign work to their staff, when they are on the move. Real-time dashboards, with pleasing graphical user interface, are available for staff at different levels of the organization hierarchy. This is very useful for an admission supervisor managing teams, to monitor performance of their team members, as they move around on the floor.