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About Us

Product Vision

When we first started working with HE institutions about a decade ago, as 'outsiders' we found some disturbing revelations - serious lack of individualized service orientation towards prospects, students and other campus constituents. We also discovered that the nonchalant silos of departments in HE institutions are traditionally not geared up to meet the queries and demands of a young, diverse, multi-cultural and vulnerable student population. ProRetention's genesis is rooted in these findings.

We also found that the software products catering to HE are traditionally about student record administration and learning management. There was a serious gap in student and prospect relationship management. ProRetentionTM is the result of our evergreen quest towards creating transformational Constituent Relationship Management for campus engagement.

ProRetentionTM is an extensive student service overlay designed to improve student experience and to eliminate uncertainties faced by universities and colleges in tracking, managing and servicing students from enquiry all the way to graduation and beyond.

"ProRetention brings university departments together, which may be in silos and gives them a 360-degree view of the applicant and student, highlighting the ones 'at risk', placing all college staff and faculty on the same page leading to consistent, customized attention to constituents for better engagement and experience."

ProRetentionTM also provides extensive dashboards on demand, multi-channel communication touch-points to campus constituents, alerts and messages for action, and analytics for decision-support. ProRetentionTM has extensive mobility solutions for prospects, students and staff, giving them the ability to resolve issues, track applications, answer surveys, access learning material, share learning resources, view time table, mark attendance, connect to social media and get live support from college thru audio, video and chat, receive alerts anytime, anywhere.

'Treat your student like a customer', is the central philosophy on which ProRetentionTM was conceived and built. We help our college and university clients attract the right students, engage them assiduously, and help them succeed.